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Logistic & Shipping îdF

Forwarding Logistic & Shipping îdF

Logistics Provider - Ocean Carrier Agent

Multimodal worldwide Freight

Multimodal Freight

Forwarding Logistic & Shipping îdF alias TNRIDF is a Logistics Provider and Ocean Carrier agent. Thus, we provide solutions for the transportation of your cargo.

It has been almost a decade since we have specialised in RORO transportation. However, it doesn’t represent Forwarding Logistic & Shipping îdF entirely ; we organise worldwide shipments through regular trades in Breakbulk and Container as well.

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As Maritime specialists, we are proud to share our passion and experience with you. We offer several types of services :

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    Latest Maritime Schedule

    As a certified ocean carrier agent, we operate with numerous ship-owner-companies and are in full collaboration with RORO-MPP vessel-owners. Thus, we are pleased to offer the latest version of our schedule for the RORO regular lines.

    This schedule is updated every week and represents our most regular lines. However, it does not gather our entire ocean nor multimodal traffic*. Our customers are welcome to get in touch with the Forwarding’s Logistic & Shipping îdF’s team through the contact us section to learn more through a personalised assistance.

    We offer 5 different regular lines

    1. Europe -> Asia
    2. Euope -> Africa
    3. Europe -> Middle-East
    4. Europe -> America
    5. Europe -> Mediterranea
    *Get in touch with Forwarding’s team to know more about the other lines.
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    About Forwarding Logistic & Shipping îdF

    Highly skilled professionals in Maritime sector

    Forwarding Logistic & Shipping îdF alias TNRIDF assures professional expertise on worldwide coverage transportation on any type of transport. On one hand Logistics Provider and on the other hand certified Ocean Carrier Agent, Forwarding Logistic & Shipping îdF alias TNRIDF benefits from rooted and unwavering experience and a large international network.

    Based in Paris, Forwarding Logistic & shipping îdF alias TNRIDF operates as the agent of VU Shipping, a well-known family-owned company remaining a maritime operator since 1848, which allowed them to build strong relationships with numerous ship-owners.

    Established since 2015, we started the company as a specialist of RORO shipments and then expended to other shipping activities. We are now proficient in the art of transporting any type of goods or commodities, however, shipping rolling units remains the core of Forwarding Logistic & shipping îdF alias TNRIDF. 

    This position at the heart of France ; at the heart of Europe, enables Forwarding Logistic & Shipping îdF to stand close to major multimodal European trade route, through significant Highways, the Parisians’ Airports and the Northern Ports : Le Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam,..


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