Breakbulk shipment, also known as break bulk or general cargo, refers to the transportation of goods which are too large or too heavy to be containerized. The main reason to load in Breakbulk is if the cargo requires a specific assistance to be loaded (cranes, good lift, pipes…). Among Breakbulk ships, we have : Multi-Purpose Vessels (MPP), Handy-Size vessel and Bulkers.

From small and heavy to long and light, breakbulk shipments can be easily stowed, stacked and moved on breakbulk ships, which are designed to accommodate a wide range of cargo sizes and shapes, and may have features such as adjustable decks, ramps, or cranes to facilitate loading and unloading.


General Cargo

Breakbulk ships are made to handle a wide range of cargo sizes and shapes. Thus, many cargos which cannot be shipped in RoRo or Containers are allowed to be loaded on Breakbulk ships.

  • Crates

Any crate can find its appropriate breakbulk vessel. We ship numerous static units. Upon requesting a quote, please indiquate if the unit is forklitable, stackable, both or neither.

  • Non-Rolling vehicules

Regarding vehicles, we have several solutions. However, if the vehicle does not work, we recommend the breakbulk shipping. The unit will be lifted onto the ship.

  • Other type of cargo

Breakbulk is a shipping mode which fits a wide range of different cargos. Any unit which requires an important assistance when loaded and discharged shall to be charged in breakbulk.


Special Cargo

Along with general cargo, Breakbulk ships handle special cargo as well, it can be boats,

  • Boats

Boats represent a heavy part of our breakbulk shipments. We have shipped countless boats, coming in all shapes and sizes. These units often come on a metal frame that we lift onto the breakbulk ship. However, we also ship in « water/water », the boat is lifted from the water onto the ship and then discharged from the ship onto the water.

  • Bulk

We are in touch with many ship-owners who made bulkers the heart of their business. Through them, we can handle your bulk cargo.

  • Out Of Gauge Cargo (OOG)

Out Of Gauge cargo correspond to any atypical cargo requiring a specific type of shipment and to which no vessel fits. Even though OOG cargo are not fitted for transportation, solutions exist to ship such atypical units.

  • Chartering

Please contact Forwarding’s dedicated team to know more about chartering options.


Information we need to ship

  • Brand + Model of the unit
  • State of the cargo (New/Used – Military – Hazardous)
  • Dimensions (Length, Width, Height)
  • Weight
  • Time of Shipment (especially for chartering)
  • Technical data (documents, pictures, …)
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Need a Quote ?

If you want to request a quote, please indiquate in the comment section :

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  2. Cargo type (Brand + Model)
  3. Mode of shipment
  4. Dimensions – Weight
  5. Your Email adress

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